Profile: Brian Sweeney


Tonewoods 13-2My name is Brian Sweeney and I have a log and mill career spanning 21 years. In 1998, after putting in 3+ years at a small family-owned cedar mill, I knew I enjoyed being part of the timber industry. I went from there to a startup hardwood mill Mt Vernon, WA. We were the underdogs and loved it. Washington Alder eventually became a mill that the high production hardwood industry envied.   I was there for 13.5 years, running the log yard for 12.

In 2011, things changed at the mill and it was time to move on.  With some money saved,  and after meeting with alder veneer buyers, I started a business of my own, sourcing alder veneer logs for mills. In July of 2013, I was hired by Pacific Rim Tonewoods to merge my alder veneer business with their tonewoods business and grow it, sourcing logs for their use as well along the way.