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The Queen’s Walnut

PRT recently bought a highly figured walnut tree that had been growing on Phyllis Queen’s family farm for over 90 years. In this video, the delightful Mrs. Queen talks about the history of the tree, her bluegrass guitar-playing husband, and how the walnut will now make guitars.

Paniolo at Haleakala Ranch

Paniolo Tonewoods has been working with Haleakala Ranch and Native Nursery on Maui to selectively harvest and to propogate koa.  Here, Bob Taylor of Taylor Guitars, Scott Meidell of Haleakala Ranch, and Steve McMinn of Pacific Rim Tonewoods, discuss this exciting project.  The soundtrack for this video, “Makawao Chimes,” is used courtesy of Jeff Peterson, from his album “Slack Key Travels.”

A Tree Point of View (Video)

Steve McMinn and Pacific Rim Tonewoods are featured in this documentary from our friends at Fretboard Journal.