We work with a variety of woods, in a variety of forms, so that our clients can get the look they want with the performance they need. We source and mill spruce –Sitka, Engelman, and Lutz–  for tops, maple for back & sides, koa for backs, sides, tops, and cedar for tops. We also manufacture both binding and bracing. Alder is sourced for resale to veneer-slicing mills in the Midwest.

Every log is hand-selected. The wood is split, sawn, dried and sorted with strict attention to detail, so that our tonewoods will endure the rigors of string tension and climatic changes. Each guitar top, back and side is examined and assessed with a view towards strength, resonance, and visual appeal.

Respecting forests

We acquire our logs and  run our business as responsibly as we can. We emphasize building things to last; green practices of recycling, minimizing waste; finding new uses for by-products; and improving energy efficiency. These are some of the steps that we have been taking in our endeavor to be responsible stewards of the great gifts and beauty of our natural world.

And, we’re growing trees.