Sound, Redefined.

Sonically Graded Tonewood – The New Industry Standard for Resonance

What luthiers gauge by ear and instinct, we’re now able to measure with scientific precision.

In Concert

Featuring Miroslav Tadic and Yvette Holzwarth with Trevor Gore
guitars made with sonically graded tonewood.

In Concert

Da Camera Society Concert Series in Los Angeles, featuring Miroslav Tadic
and Yvette Holzwarth. Classical guitar by Trevor Gore made with
sonically graded tonewood.

In Concert

Miroslav Tadic and Yvette Holzwarth perform at the Croatian Cultural Centre in Anacortes WA


Intrinsic Beauty,
Superior Sound

With scientific advancements in sonic testing and grading, we’re able to offer all our clients a new standard in tonewoods.

Customer Favorites

Guitar makers and luthiers keep coming back for the products they can trust

Premium Tonewood Collections

We offer 3 collections of the finest wood from around the world: Traditional Tonewood, Sonically Graded Tonewood and Torrefied Tonewood

These Q tops dude...the dread seems to like the high density – strong bass and even. The OM1-JL loves the low density, just phenomenal! Been working with your sonically-graded tops for awhile now and I’m really impressed!

Steve Nall (Nully), Collings Guitars

One of my jobs at Collings Guitars for the last 33 years has been ordering and putting into production Pacific Rim Tonewoods Sitka spruce tops. The quality and consistency of their soundboards is outstanding—it doesn’t get any better.

Bruce VanWart

I’ve had the pleasure of watching Pacific Rim Tonewoods grow from a one-man operation to the technology driven world leader in high quality tonewoods they are today. What sets them apart from the rest of the wood suppliers? Endless innovation on how to best process wood so it retains the sonic capabilities we all love about wood. Guitar builders all over the world, from small to large, have built better guitars with PRT tonewoods.

Jay Hostetler, Retired VP of Stewart Macdonald

It has been a true joy and inspiration to play several guitars built with the superb sonically graded wood from Pacific Rim Tonewoods. The three steel string guitars built by Trevor Gore offered me an astounding timbral and dynamic palette. It was thrilling to hear the subtle yet clear differences between the various grades of soundboards.

Miroslav Tadic, Musician & Composer

I’ve been testing wood properties for an awfully long time, both by ear and with computers, so I’ve tested a LOT of timber. Using sonically graded wood from Pacific Rim Tonewoods means I don’t get pieces I don’t want to use. With PRT, I know I can always get tonewood with the properties I'm looking for, so that I can make guitars with the performance my customers want.

Trevor Gore, Luthier


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