Siglo Tonewoods

Reforesting Hawaii’s koa for future generations.

“By demonstrating the economic and sustainable value of these forests, we encourage more forestry that’s good—not just for conservation, not just for tonewood, but for the community, too.”

Fast Facts

5,200 Acre

Stewardship conservation project

1,600 Tree

Orchard for koa seed

565 Acres

Acquired for koa plantation

1,400 Acres

Of forest under restoration

A Model for Land Stewardship

At Siglo, we’re not just planting koa trees—we’re building a demonstration forest. One that will show how you can establish a forest on land, that for hundreds of years, has been converted to cattle grazing. We’ve developed a number of research projects that will tell us how we can be more efficient and successful at planting trees. One day, we hope Siglo will be a model for other stewards and land managers to consider koa forestry as part of their own strategies.



Tavana, musician and songwriter from Hawaii, plays a koa guitar built by Taylor Guitars.