Contemporary Acoustic Guitar Design and Build–2nd Edition

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Author: Trevor Gore with Gerard Gillet

Contemporary Acoustic Guitar Design and Build is for everyone who wants to understand more about designing and building acoustic guitars. Trevor Gore, a renowned luthier based in Australia, uses methods based on the acoustical and engineering sciences, and contemporary small workshop practices. For the first time, the sound output of a guitar is comprehensively related both theoretically and practically to the instrument's woodwork, providing a logical and scientific method for designing guitars and real answers to questions that have challenged luthiers for centuries. Instruments built using these techniques are measurably more powerful, in-tune, responsive and playable than just about anything for sale in a music store.


The FIRST book to seriously and scientifically address the acoustics, physics and mechanics of the acoustic guitar, relating the sounds we hear to the way a guitar vibrates and to its woodwork and structure. It provides a complete methodology from wood testing to sculpturing the sound output of your next guitar. Over 390 pages of text, diagrams, charts and full colour photographs.

BUILD Volume

Addresses the construction of FOUR different styles of guitar using the principles developed in the DESIGN volume. Detailed explanations of contemporary construction methods for traditional fan and X-braced guitars; contemporary lattice braced classical guitars and falcate braced steel string guitars. Over 450 pages of text, diagrams, charts and full colour photographs of the complete building process. Full sized plans are provided for all four guitar designs covered in the text.

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Contemporary Acoustic Guitar Design and Build–2nd Edition