Perceptual Evaluation of Bracewood and Soundboard Wood Variations on the Preference of a Steel String Acoustic Guitar

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Published 2019 by Merchel, Altinsoy, and Olson, Journal of the Acoustical Society of America

This is the first research project collaboration between Taylor Guitars, Pacific Rim Tonewoods, and the Dresden Institute of Technology, Department of Acoustics.  We tested several thousand pieces of spruce wood for density, stiffness along the grain (Longitudinal Young’s Modulus), and damping. The tested boards represent the full range of these characteristics currently delivered to the acoustic guitar industry worldwide. 

This research scientifically demonstrates something that the guitar community has long suspected – the physical characteristics of the soundboard wood make a predictable and reliable difference to the quality of the sound of the finished guitar. The approach we used was validated by rigorous peer review, and published in the world’s leading journal of acoustical research in October of 2019.

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