4 Piece Sonic Sitka Vault 5518
4 Piece Sonic Sitka Vault 5518
4 Piece Sonic Sitka Vault 5518
4 Piece Sonic Sitka Vault 5518
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4 Piece Sonic Sitka Vault 5518

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PRT is proud to bring a 4 piece top to market. These tops allow us to make soundboards from smaller diameter logs and to utilize each log more completely. Four piece tops are cut from a smaller section of a tree, representing less of any tree's life (say 60 years, instead of 120), and are therefore more consistent in all of their physical properties.

Density, Q, and Stiffness are all provided, allowing you to choose the piece that exactly fits your needs. In addition to the data provided, High Q (Q >= 160) and High Stiffness boards are exclusively available in the Vault.

Every sonically graded board is required to meet the following specifications:

  • Density in the range of 350 - 500 kg/m3
  • Stiffness within 10% of the mean
  • Damping (Q) >= 150

Size: Dreadnought
Stiffness: 11102
Density: 359
Q: 161

Special Attributes:

Nominal Dimensions:
Dreadnought Template 0.160” (4mm) x 4.25” (107.95mm) x 21.5” (546mm)
Classic Template 0.160” (4mm) x 3.875” (98.425mm) x 21.5” (546mm)

Being a luthier-hobbyist myself, I recently built a Flamenco guitar using sonically graded Sitka spruce from Pacific Rim Tonewoods. The quality of their wood helped me make a clear step forward as an instrument builder, and I'm looking forward to collaborating with this amazing company for many years to come.

Miroslav Tadic, Musician & Luthier

One of my jobs at Collings Guitars for the last 33 years has been ordering and putting into production Pacific Rim Tonewoods Sitka spruce tops. The quality and consistency of their soundboards is outstanding—it doesn’t get any better.

Bruce VanWart